School Visits


We love giving back to the community especially it’s local primary schools. We at Jackaboos believe enhancing children’s socialising skills with fun-engaging and creative workshops. 


Whether the topic of the term is focused around organising and hosting parties/events, running a family orientated business or just wanting a creative session away from the classroom.

School Parties

Jackaboos is a great venue to host Nursey Graduation Ceremonies, goodbye class parties and annual get together events. We can provide a fun, secure and private venue for your school/classes next party.

Play & Make a Friend


Play & make a friend is a fun school liaison event for the local primary schools that have been running since 2016. This is a chance for children and their parents starting Reception at their Primary School within the surrounding areas Pudsey, Farsley, Bramley, Stanningley, Calverly and Horsforth.


Schools such as Pudsey Waterloo, Pudsey Primrose Hill and Farsley Springbank and their Reception Teachers have been regular attendees of our Play & Make A Friend sessions. These sessions take place throughout the month of July, allowing the children and their parents to make friends before starting school. 


Making new friends can be scary for a child and a new parent starting primary school. We provide a fun, relaxed and private venue for those starting a new term, new beginnings in order to make new friends.


If your school’s reception class would like to participate in our next year’s Play & Make a Friend session, please get in touch and book your session.

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Please contact us to book your next school workshop, party or play & make a friend session.