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For the 14 years that Jackaboos has been open, employees have come and gone… and come back again!

As Jackaboos gets older in age, so do the children who have had their parties here with us. We fondly remember all the many hundreds of children who have shared their birthdays with us, especially the children who had their parties when Jackaboos first opened its doors to the residents of Farsley in 2006.

As Jackaboos is getting older and more successful, the employees also grow, develop and leave to pursue their next steps in their own life journey and Jackaboos welcomes new employees to the family and one of those newcomers is Logan.

Both Logan (aged 16) and Lucy (aged 17) joined the Jackaboos family around September 2019 and at their interviews, they both informed the team that they used to have their own birthday parties and attend friends’ birthday parties when they were as young as 3 or 4 years old. 13-years later has gone from attending children’s parties to hosting them.

Do you have any memories visiting Jackaboos as a child?

“It was so long ago! I can remember being excited for the jelly & ice cream being served and the party food area seeming so much bigger than it is now. When the cake was brought out, I felt really special”, Logan, Party Coordinator.

“I always remember having a great time with friendly staff because of the great atmosphere and with my parties I always remember having the most fun on the trampolines”, Lucy, Party Coordinator.

What do you think about now, being a Party Coordinator and hosting the children’s parties in which you use to attend?

“it’s very nostalgic and brings back happy memories. I like seeing the children enjoy Jackaboos as much as I did, especially at the end of the party when I ask them if they’ve had a good time and I always get a happy response. It’s nice to know I made them feel special and excited in the way I was when I had my party here many years ago.” Logan, Party Coordinator.

“Now being a member of staff at Jackaboos, I enjoy seeing the excitement on the children’s faces as we get to be a part of making memories and being involved in their imagination. Jackaboos is such a lovely place to work and the team are absolutely brilliant, they make any new member of staff feel warm and welcome”, Lucy, Party Coordinator.