Closed until further notice

The safety and well-being of our team and customers are of our utmost priority. Following Government instructions, we have closed until further notice.

As a small family-run local business, that has been established for almost 15 years, nothing could have prepared us for this emotional and financial rollercoaster that we have all experienced over the last couple of weeks. We will, however, come through this and once again welcome you all for parties and playtimes.

Our telephones will not be in operation so if you need to contact us please use our website “contact us form” or Facebook message and we will endeavour to reply. We will continue to stay in touch and provide regular updates during this situation through our website, social media and email channels.

Anyone with parties booked and deposits paid, rest assured your deposit payments are safe and will be deducted off any rescheduled parties once we re-open. We will contact everyone with parties booked to reschedule, once we know when we will be re-opening, which we hope will be in the not too distant future.

On behalf of Jackaboos team, we wish you well and ask you to use this time to focus on your health, family, friends and what really matters most to you. Stay safe and look after everyone around you.

From our friendly staff here at Jackaboos.

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Coronavirus – Help Prevent The Spread

Help Prevent the Spread – COVID-19!

With the news dominated by the spread of the Coronavirus, we wanted to let you know that our dedicated team are vigilantly implementing enhanced cleaning protocols to ensure the safety of you and your little ones.

We are closely monitoring the guidance of the World Health Organisation (WHO) regarding the spread of the virus and our focus is to ensure we meet your needs whilst doing our part to keep you, your family and our employees safe.

Here’s what we’re doing

  • We’ve enhanced our already robust cleaning techniques and processes throughout our venue paying special attention to the place’s people/children touch frequently such as; the play gym, play equipment, toys, door handles and other hard surfaces.
  • We are cleaning our facilities more frequently with recommended sanitizing products and we will be closing 30 minutes early Monday – Friday.
  • We’re encouraging all of our employees and customers to be vigilant about frequent handwashing
  • In addition, during parties we have implemented a hand-washing cleaning process for the children prior to them sitting down for party food.
  • We have implemented steps to ensure the welfare of our employees. This includes instructing employees who feel unwell to stay at home and follow Government guidelines

Here’s what you could do to help

  • Make sure you ensure you and your child are washing your hands frequently.
  • If you or your child is feeling unwell, please stay at home and follow Government guidelines

Enjoy your visit with confidence

As Jackaboos is a small business and is proud to be part of its community, we do ask that our supportive customers that visit us during the week and attend any upcoming parties, do their part to help prevent the spread.

We are here for you and ensuring that you and your little one can still enjoy your time at Jackaboos. Your safety is our highest priority and we truly appreciate the trust that you place in our team.


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From Attending Parties to Hosting Them


For the 14 years that Jackaboos has been open, employees have come and gone… and come back again!

As Jackaboos gets older in age, so do the children who have had their parties here with us. We fondly remember all the many hundreds of children who have shared their birthdays with us, especially the children who had their parties when Jackaboos first opened its doors to the residents of Farsley in 2006.

As Jackaboos is getting older and more successful, the employees also grow, develop and leave to pursue their next steps in their own life journey and Jackaboos welcomes new employees to the family and one of those newcomers is Logan.

Both Logan (aged 16) and Lucy (aged 17) joined the Jackaboos family around September 2019 and at their interviews, they both informed the team that they used to have their own birthday parties and attend friends’ birthday parties when they were as young as 3 or 4 years old. 13-years later has gone from attending children’s parties to hosting them.

Do you have any memories visiting Jackaboos as a child?

“It was so long ago! I can remember being excited for the jelly & ice cream being served and the party food area seeming so much bigger than it is now. When the cake was brought out, I felt really special”, Logan, Party Coordinator.

“I always remember having a great time with friendly staff because of the great atmosphere and with my parties I always remember having the most fun on the trampolines”, Lucy, Party Coordinator.

What do you think about now, being a Party Coordinator and hosting the children’s parties in which you use to attend?

“it’s very nostalgic and brings back happy memories. I like seeing the children enjoy Jackaboos as much as I did, especially at the end of the party when I ask them if they’ve had a good time and I always get a happy response. It’s nice to know I made them feel special and excited in the way I was when I had my party here many years ago.” Logan, Party Coordinator.

“Now being a member of staff at Jackaboos, I enjoy seeing the excitement on the children’s faces as we get to be a part of making memories and being involved in their imagination. Jackaboos is such a lovely place to work and the team are absolutely brilliant, they make any new member of staff feel warm and welcome”, Lucy, Party Coordinator.


Local Primary School Plays, Learns and Enjoys a Session at Jackaboos

Local Primary School Plays, Learns and Enjoys a Session at Jackaboos

Local Primary School Plays, Learns and Enjoys a Session at Jackaboos.

Pudsey Waterloo Primary School reached out to Jackaboos to host a creative workshop session for their Reception classes. The theme of their topic was “Celebrations” and the children looked at different ways in which people celebrate. Whether that was weddings, christenings and the most popular one was birthdays.

Jackaboos Party Manager Tom, organised and hosted a creative workshop session for the children. They learnt how to set a table, what party food to prepare and what contents to pack into their very own party bag, which they took home to enjoy.

The children were thrilled to engage and interact with Tom and other members of staff of Jackaboos with lots of questions about our Party Coordinators role and what party games we play.

The school’s Reception Teacher Miss J. Bertram explained to Tom that the creative session is a great insight into what it takes to plan a party and how they could bring this back to their own setting to create their own party planning with various role-play exercises.

After each session, there was time for the children (and their teachers!) to have a quick 10/15 minutes play on the play equipment and end their visit with a Jackaboos smile. After all, you can’t attend Jackaboos without having some sort of fun😉


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