So many of you have been requested to work remotely from home, which is a dream, but no one could have expected your new little secretary to be your little bundle of joy. Them running wild, needing some creativity or something to do other than play with the same toys they have played with throughout the whole lockdown.

If only there was somewhere you can go to for them to run wild and you can still keep a sharp eye on them but also have the chance to catch-up on those emails, tick off your to-do list and have unlimited access to free WiFi.

Just so happens, Jackaboos is here for you. Have a change from your home-office environment with a 2-hour stay at our COVID secure venue.

What's in it for you?

  • 2-hours of a change of scenery
  • Free access to WiFi
  • A chance to catchup on your emails and to do list without too many disturbances
  • Food & drinks made and brought to you at your table
  • Safe in the knowledge your little one is having fun and you can still check on them at the same time

What's in it for them?

  • 2-hours of creating memories and having fun
  • Able to play in a COVID secure environment
  • Something new and different to them from the same toys at home
  • Knowing their parents/carers are able to get on with work and being able to check in on them at the same time
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