Local Primary School Plays, Learns and Enjoys a Session at Jackaboos.

Pudsey Waterloo Primary School reached out to Jackaboos to host a creative workshop session for their Reception classes. The theme of their topic was “Celebrations” and the children looked at different ways in which people celebrate. Whether that was weddings, christenings and the most popular one was birthdays. 

Jackaboos Party Manager Tom, organised and hosted a creative workshop session for the children. They learnt how to set a table, what party food to prepare and what contents to pack into their very own party bag, which they took home to enjoy.

The children were thrilled to engage and interact with Tom and other members of staff of Jackaboos with lots of questions about our Party Coordinators role and what party games we play.  

The school’s Reception Teacher Miss J. Bertram explained to Tom that the creative session is a great insight into what it takes to plan a party and how they could bring this back to their own setting to create their own party planning with various role-play exercises.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the session. Tom was very engaging and made every activity exciting for the children. The staff asked questions about each activity in which related to our theme of learning, therefore the link between the school and business was more evident for the children.”

“The children were extremely confident to ask questions if needed and the activities were practical and enjoyable for them and the teachers. Initial ideas had been suggested by the school focusing on what they wanted the children to achieve from the trip and this was then taken on board by the Jackaboos team and this helped develop further in which lead to a very engaging and useful trip.” Miss J. Bertram, Reception Teacher.

After each session, there was time for the children (and their teachers!) to have a quick 10/15 minutes play on the play equipment and end their visit with a Jackaboos smile. After all, you can’t attend Jackaboos without having some sort of fun ;-)!

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