About Us

Hello and welcome to Jackaboos. We are a family friendly indoor soft play centre located in Farsley, Leeds for children upto 148 cm in height (or approx 8 years old ). We aim to provide families and their children a playgym that is full of fun and excitement within a safe, clean and secure environment.

Here at Jackaboos we are all about creating happy memories whilst children have fun with the help of our engaging team. We have already enjoyed 10  successful years and made lots of friends since we first opened, with some of them even working for us now as part of our party team !

We love making new friends here and have a great community at Jackaboo's, where parents and kids can get to know each other. So why not visit us, join in the fun and lets start making great memories that will stay with your kids forever.....


Meet The Team

Tom – Activities & Engagement Manager

I have worked at Jackaboos for almost four years and I still enjoy it. I started out as a Party Coordinator hosting children's parties and now I am apart of the Management Team, and this role within itself is exciting enough. My favourite part about working at Jackaboos would be planning all the exciting events such as, Halloween and Christmas.

Emma – Activities & Engagement Manager

Working at Jackaboos is really enjoyable and fun because I am engaging and interacting with children of all ages as I would like to pursue a career as a Teacher after graduating from University. My favourite part of working a party is the party games, especially the Finding Nemo game because of the excitement on the children's faces when they guess correctly on what game we are about to play.

Abigail – Activities & Engagement Coordinator

I really enjoy working at Jackaboos and being apart of the Jackaboos Party Team. Through the week I am the Customer Service Apprentice and at the weekend I am your designated Party Coordinator. My favourite part is seeing how excited the children get when they find out they're playing 'Finding Nemo' and seeing how the excitement in they faces when they have found all the teddies in the play gym.

Emily – Activities & Engagement Coordinator

I really like being apart of the Jackaboos Party Team as I used to visit Jackaboos as a child, but who would have thought that I would be hosting and coordinating children's parties like the staff did for my birthday party. My favourite part about working at Jackaboos is interacting and engaging with children throughout their entire party from meeting & greeting as they enter to saying goodbye as they leave and then I get ready for the next one.